Coldtears USB LCD with Raspberry Pi
fun with a cheap LCD display - until it broke

Quick start with a LCD display

I got the LCD display from coldtears from somewhere over the internet and connected it to a Raspberry Pi via USB. There are simple Python libraries available and so I started making a small set of classes to display content from different sources.

After two or three evenings my display showed the meals from the university cafeteria and the real-time departures of the next tram station using REST APIs.

Unfortunately the display broke after a few weeks running 24/7 in my shared appartment amusing housemates and guests. Well, for such a low price I cannot expect more. However, it was a nice gadget and braught a lot of fun with little effort.

Future plans would have been to render the pictures in python and then maybe build an own driver in C++. The next display I may buy will definetly be an E-Ink display. But they are very expensive and hard to control.

The uncomplete sources can be viewed here:



The video shows the result after 2 or 3 evenings I worked on the software. I added some additional features like a better clock, background images and a brightness control after the video was made.


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